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Blackberry Kush Cannabis Oil

$180.00$1,200.00  /  0.00268 Ƀ
Blackberry Kush is an Indica dominant hybrid, 80% Indica and 20% Sativa, which makes this an excellent choice for night time use.

Bubble Gum Cannabis Oil

$240.00$1,300.00  /  0.00358 Ƀ
Bubble Gum is widely regarded as one of the best-tasting strains of all time, and it has four High Times Cannabis Cups to prove it.

Crown Royal Cannabis Oil

$200.00$1,000.00  /  0.00298 Ƀ
Crown Royal Cannabis Oil is a made-up name we gave this oil because of its beautiful golden amber color.

Girl Scout Cookies Oil

$220.00$1,600.00  /  0.00328 Ƀ
Girl Scout Cookies strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid with a strong Sativa component (40:60 Sativa/Indica ratio respectively).

Rick Simpson Oil

$300.00$1,300.00  /  0.00447 Ƀ
Weed Shop distributes high graded “Rick Simpson Oil” with Cannabis Oil and infused products. Our Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) has been extracted from an assortment of hybrid strains.

Sour Diesel Cannabis Oil

$220.00$1,600.00  /  0.00328 Ƀ
Sour Diesel strain has got a distinct, pungent gassy stench that is coupled with an exciting burst of energy.

Super Lemon Haze Oil

$220.00$1,500.00  /  0.00328 Ƀ
Super Lemon Haze Cannabis Oil 60.86% THC and 3.6% CBD

Ultra Pure Cannabis Oil

$200.00$2,200.00  /  0.00298 Ƀ
Buy Ultra Pure Cannabis Oil online : Total THC: (THC + THCa): 82.15% Total CBD: (CBD + CBDa): 0.18% Total CBN: 1.29%