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K2 Spray

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Buy K2 Spray For Sale, You need 25ml to spray a whole A4 paper sheet. Our K2 spray is odorless and colorless. We have also K2 paper for sale. Buy wholesale K2 spray here. Buy spice online cheap Best K2 Spray Online is a cross variety with raised normal ascribes. From the beginning repeat in Amsterdam, this strain is a cross between Indica landrace the Hindu Kush and broadly dull White Widow.

Kush Liquid Incense

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Buy Herbal Incense Online | Buy K2 Liquid Incense Online | Buy K2 Liquid On Paper Prepared buy herbal incense, k2 liquid on paper and k2 sprays dough can be shaped into cones, cylinders, or coils, or rolled onto sticks. Bamboo skewers cut lengthwise with a razor blade make good sticks. After forming the cones, cylinders, and coils, set them aside on a wooden board to dry in a sunny window, a warm attic, or even a closed vehicle on a hot day. Avoid excessive humidity, which will cause your incense to mildew. Poke the lower ends of the sticks into a piece of clay or styrofoam when drying stick incense.